Our mission at Triple R Locksmith is to provide excellent professional service and quality workmanship to every home owner. The safety of your family is our #1 priority. If you are a new home owner it is wise to rekey every door in your home immediately, and is imperative that you get it done the right way.


Below is a list of residential products we sell and services we offer:

  • Rekey New and Existing Locks
  • Rekey Every Lock in the House to One Key
  • Create Master Key System, if Needed
  • Duplicate House Keys
  • Residential Locks Available on request
  • Install Door Knobs, Lever Sets, Deadbolts
  • Install Peepholes, Window Locks, and Door Guardians


When it comes to residential homes, we can advise you on the best way to secure and rekey everything. This is 100% up to the owner’s discretion. We are here to provide the home owner with the most professional advice along with superb professionalism.